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Happy New Year

Super quick blog just to say a Happy New Year to everyone, in 2017 I’ll be back on my A game, thanks to all for a great 2016!

Mini Whips


Mini whips, baby whips, there are all sorts of names for them, the above picture is a mini bullwhip on a little tilter hat, that’s the type of mini hat that sits on the side of a ladies head, so a mini whip on a mini hat.

A lady I did this for about 8/9 years back posted it on my Facebook page, I have done a few over the years in Roo hide and as short as 12 inches as long as 2 foot, I never built them to crack though you could get a crack out of them.


I have recently had a few requests in my inbox for 2 foot nylon snake whips, I must admit my immediate reaction was pfffftttt!! What is the point I asked myself, a two foot snake then has a one foot fall then a seven to nine inch cracker, it is just a few inches short of a four foot signal whip.

In a short whip weight and taper are very important so common sense tells you the weight in a four foot signal goes out further into the thong and it’s a proven whip been about since the year dot, a much better whip surely? Everyone that emailed me I explained to the pro’s and con’s of a signal versus a short snake and most decided to go with a signal. Good choice I think!

Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I built a 2 foot snake, I tried to improve on what is currently about, I’m not into being a copy cat, although there is probably very little in the world of whip making that’s not been done before it doesn’t hurt to do what you believe to be the best you can.

So Above…..A 2 foot 16 plait snake whip in type II tactical cord, 1st grade veg tanned kangaroo hide shot bag and bolster, Indian Tan Latigo fall, 1st grade veg tanned kangaroo hide herringbone knot, They’ll be on the new site at £60.00


I must admit to being shocked at how easily it cracked, it looks really cute, it is very accurate but then at that length that’s hardly a surprise. It is a bit of a one trick pony but perfectly useable I am shocked to say.

“Is it as good as a 4 foot Signal” No it isn’t the signal is much more versatile, however it is just as good as a 3 foot signal which again is a bit of a 1 trick pony so as a cheaper alternative to that it is a goer. Great for the ladies to keep in the handbag, or a coat pocket for the guy’s. Perfect if you have it as an extra whip so you have one with you at all times, but if your looking for serious indoor play then a signal is the way to go. That’s my thoughts anyway.

Death of a legend-Bernie Wojcicki


Well how sad to be sat writing about the passing of a legend, I guess that’s the thing with living legends, you for some strange reason believe them to be way above suffering the normality’s of life and to live forever, Bernie was certainly a living legend, a real character, funny, generous beyond belief with his sharing of knowledge, humble and so laid back he was almost horizontal…..This is sounding like he and I were best friends and that’s not true, but through the magic of the Internet I first communicated with Bernie some 15 plus years ago and since then just way too many times to recall. An Internet mate maybe…..


I’m not a big lover of forums and the like, I much prefer to talk with folks on skype or via some form of one to one type of messenger, Bernie was never a great poster on forums, I’m not saying he never posted, just not much so we shared that in common as well as a passion for all things whips, like many I bought a whip from Bernie, three in total, I regret not buying more now, and then like a lot I proceeded to ask him many questions which he answered with good grace, I had only a couple or three years under my belt and here was a guy with 30 years experience I’m sure for a while I made a proper pest of myself. I am very proud to say though that over the years of staying in touch I was able to pay back and do Bernie a couple of favours, he would also ask me on occasion to help out folks that had written to him from Europe or the UK, things like where to get supplies from etc….I always of course paid forwards and answered.


In recent years Bernie has had a reputation for long wait times, there are a few that didn’t order from him because of that, but things were not always that way, I can remember a time, a few times in fact where work was up and down and I recommended him when I was busy, back then my work book was up and down too, not often but on several occasions when folk from the UK or EU didn’t want to wait the time for him he pointed them my way,


I would think most current day whip makers have gleaned some knowledge from Bernie, some don’t admit to it but we all had help along the way and most share tips and tricks with others we respect


Bernie will probably be best remembered by some for the high plait count fancy ring work style whips he made, others for the silver caps and ferrules and collars on his work, for the general whip population his Bullwhips, by the fetish community his signal whips with changeable cracker, others for his help and generosity whatever your reasons please remember this great man, this legend, I will…R.I.P Bernie, I sincerely hope your in a better place and happy…