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Happy New Year

Super quick blog just to say a Happy New Year to everyone, in 2017 I’ll be back on my A game, thanks to all for a great 2016!

UK Whip Crack Convention


I saw on my Face Book page there had been a UK Whip Crack Convention, shocking really that as a UK Whip Maker I knew nothing of it till after the event…..mmmmmm! Maybe not….

A few years back around 8 I think there was a regular Whip Crack Convention, once a year, it was operated by 2 guy’s who were friends, a Mr.Gamble and a fella known as The Major, they had some sort of fall out and The Major ran it himself for a couple of years. Those were the 2 years I went to it.

Year one we went along and much had been made of the fact it was a family event so there was to be no talk or mention of fetish..fair enough I thought till I got there, it wasn’t the best attended event I’d ever been too, if you take out the photographer and his Lady, another whip maker and his lady who had a stall there, The Major and his lady who were on the till there were 27 paid attendees in all. All but 2 of them were well recognised members of the UK fetish scene, as is the photographer and his lady, the other whip maker and his lady and the Major himself.


Whatever, I don’t believe people should push things on people be it fetish, politics or religion, I believe once your past 21 and of sound mind you should be old enough and ugly enough to make your own mind up as to if your kinky, vote Lib Dem, Conservative or whoever and if you want to welcome God into your life or not…


Anyway the day went well, I had a great time and even won the targeting contest, we left to go home and everyone else went off to a BBQ at The Major’s house, we had only just met him so thought nothing too much of the lack of invite.

Almost immediately after I was contacted by the Major who intimated I might like to put some sponsorship into the following years event, Some good names in whip making had done so previous years, Dave King, Simon Martin, Rhett Kelly, Steve Huntress to name but a few so I said I would. I also joined the Yahoo group that related to the event.

The next year rolled round quickly and having bumped into The Major at a few Fetish Markets we attend felt we had got to know him some what. I made a 6 foot kangaroo hide bullwhip with much fancy ring work in the handle in a 16 plait 2 tone, it went in it’s own bag with a fid, a tub of leather dressing, spare crackers and a spare fall, also a 6 foot nylon 16 plait bullwhip. A more than fair donation I thought at around £500.00 if you’d had to pay for it and more importantly 2 and a half days of my time.

bullwhip (2)

We arranged to meet the Major at the BBB fetish market in Birmingham to drop off the whips, The Major wanted them early so he could photograph them for the web site. More time out of the workshop but hey for a good cause.

The event rolled around and we turned up, paid full price to get in, spent all day teaching then for the 2nd year on the trot didn’t get invited to the BBQ…

“Sometimes you just have to accept your face don’t fit”

I accepted it and I have moved on, my wife is very protective of me and is not in the slightest forgiving, but the moral of the story is sad really, Dave the other up whip maker has retired, as has Alex from Cobra Whips who was an evening and weekend maker any way, leaving me the only UK full time whip maker, and this event the UK’s only non-fetish UK event, such a shame we can’t all work together. Hey-Ho!

New Design…The English Lash


Another new design added to the Essentia Range, or it will be, we are currently giving all the sites a total revamp, one the new site goes live you’ll see this on there in with the Sjambok family along with a thicker version called The English Crop…

Some things will sadly disappear and some new stuff added, the “Under a Ton Range” is going well so a snake whip and a sjambok will be added.

Keep checking the site and see it change.

Thanks for reading……


Martinet…The Essentia Version



There has been much written about what in essence is a few boot laces tied to a wooden handle or dowel, I did a similar thing for a while called a Lita’net, named after the beautiful lady that designed and ordered it, I sold a few but not many.

About 6 months back I had time to experiment and made something much more elaborate and beautiful, more in keeping with an Essentia design. It has this past few months been put through it’s paces in a professional studio and passed rigorous use with flying colours, soon I will take better pictures with a real camera rather than my camera phone and will offer it for sale on the essentia floggers web site.




Keep checking back I have currently on test a whole range of Hybrid whips designed especially for the scene, and a couple of performance whips also, as well as that my take on some recently new to the market style of floggers….
Wiki Says

A martinet is a short, scourge-like (multi-tail) type of whip made of a wooden handle and between 4 and 10 lashes, relatively short length. The lashes are usually made of leather, but sometimes soap-stiffened cords are used in place of leather. It is a traditional instrument of physical punishment for children in France and other European countries.

The martinet was often applied on the calves, so that the children did not have to disrobe. Otherwise it was usually applied on the bare buttocks, adding humiliation to the physical pain, like the English and Commonwealth caning, birching, naval boy’s pussy, American paddling, et cetera.

It is generally considered abusive to use it for spanking children in modern times.
The martinet is also used as an implement in erotic spanking scenes, like a flogger but more severe.
noun: martinet;
a person who demands complete obedience; a strict disciplinarian.
“the woman in charge was a martinet who treated all those beneath her like children”