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Catch Up and Merry Christmas



Well, long time no write, sorry about that, it has been a funny old year, emotional, lot’s of changes, a death in the family, but business wise another good one so to all of you out there that have ordered from me or wholesale from me, many thanks, the wolves have been kept away from the door for another year.



A lovely blog written by the world renowned Mistress Sidonia founder of The English Mansion, very kind words indeed, my sincere thanks, if you’d like a read click here… http://www.theenglishmansion.com/blog/blog/archives/14943
The synthetic range has very much changed here at Essentia, gone is the Essentia Nylon Whips site and I have no plans to bring it back, without any sour grapes nylon whips are now a very flooded market and everyones idea of a marketing strategy is to do it £10.00 cheaper than the next man, I’m not sure where the logic is in this, but whatever I no longer compete in that market. Instead I have shut the site and sell only a limited range of synthetic whips. Over the Christmas period I will plait the whips for the photo’s and change the site Essentia Whips to show the three styles of whip I shall be selling in synthetic. There’s a reason to check the site January eh! Well I hope so.


We shall be off to the not so sunny Isle of Wight for Christmas, so I just thought I’d show you a pic of the little cottage where we’ll be staying, Mum will be coming Christmas day and Boxing day so we can keep our eye on her, her first Christmas in 75 years without Dad who we lost earlier in the year, then the rest of the week Mel, Murff and Moi…..can’t wait.


Good ‘ole Murff will hopefully drag us out on enough long walks that we come back as we went rather than waddling under excess weight gained which is our usual state of affairs…


And for a final picture, what could those be in the picture above, I’ll give you a clue, they are not palm style flogger handles, watch this space, the first one of whatever they are will be winging it’s way to Chris of Alpha Whips as soon as it’s done and I have a picture for my site…I very much doubt I’ll have time to blog again before Christmas so to all that read, thank you and the message is below *Smiles….