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Who Do You Recommend

Now there is a question I get asked often, why do I get asked that? sadly some folks don’t want to wait my often long wait times, hey-ho,  shockingly it is a very difficult question to answer, for one I haven’t seen the work of every whip maker in the world although almost all the kangaroo hide maker I have. There are now hundreds and hundreds of synthetic makers…

I really don’t believe there is any such thing as a **Best Whip Maker** we all have our whip that we are known for, some of us two or three, myself as a for instance Signal Whips, Sjamboks and Cat’o’9tails, Mike Murphy, Bull Whips, Chris Barr, Stock Whips and the same for Janine Frazier and on and on, I don’t know a single whip maker anywhere in the world who is exceptional at every whip.  So to name my choices…


Stock Whips, there is currently, in my opinion, nobody even coming close to Peter Thorndike, though he’ll have to watch his tail if as rumoured Chris Barr makes a return, haha, either are the closest you’ll get to the best of the best! That one was quite easy.


Good old Steve Huntress from NorEast whips in my book is leaps and bounds ahead of any other synthetic maker in the world, not only in quality of work but years of experience, for some strange reason he liked my synthetic work before I retired from it, over the years we have become email/skype buddies, but he is the guy I always aspired to equal, the very best in synthetic….that was another easy one.


Skip over at HandMadeWhips, my opinion again though I have seen work by all the American makers, he is by far the best thing coming out of America and I do mean by far, he really is a good all rounder, speciality I guess would be the **Woody BullWhip** but he makes a more that good snake and signal too, if you don’t want to wait for me this would be your go to guy.

A few hides in my workshop waiting to be plaited just thought it might be of interest, so those are my opinions, I don’t mean to offend anyone, you know what they say about opinions, “Opinions are like ar**h*les, every ones got one and most of them stink” 

Do remember if you’re reading this in the UK or Europe, the price you see on these guys sites are all subject to Import Duty, VAT, and customs clearance charges as well as postage which from America is good but very expensive..

Happy Shopping


Martinet…The Essentia Version



There has been much written about what in essence is a few boot laces tied to a wooden handle or dowel, I did a similar thing for a while called a Lita’net, named after the beautiful lady that designed and ordered it, I sold a few but not many.

About 6 months back I had time to experiment and made something much more elaborate and beautiful, more in keeping with an Essentia design. It has this past few months been put through it’s paces in a professional studio and passed rigorous use with flying colours, soon I will take better pictures with a real camera rather than my camera phone and will offer it for sale on the essentia floggers web site.




Keep checking back I have currently on test a whole range of Hybrid whips designed especially for the scene, and a couple of performance whips also, as well as that my take on some recently new to the market style of floggers….
Wiki Says

A martinet is a short, scourge-like (multi-tail) type of whip made of a wooden handle and between 4 and 10 lashes, relatively short length. The lashes are usually made of leather, but sometimes soap-stiffened cords are used in place of leather. It is a traditional instrument of physical punishment for children in France and other European countries.

The martinet was often applied on the calves, so that the children did not have to disrobe. Otherwise it was usually applied on the bare buttocks, adding humiliation to the physical pain, like the English and Commonwealth caning, birching, naval boy’s pussy, American paddling, et cetera.

It is generally considered abusive to use it for spanking children in modern times.
The martinet is also used as an implement in erotic spanking scenes, like a flogger but more severe.
noun: martinet;
a person who demands complete obedience; a strict disciplinarian.
“the woman in charge was a martinet who treated all those beneath her like children”