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Fraudulent customers and rip off whip makers

Red Black Sjambok

So I belong to a couple of whip groups on FaceBook and have decided to write due to a whip maker¬†Giovanni Celeste and his recent post regarding a fraudulent client, it is all a little unclear if the client was fraudulent or just a bit of a nutter, long story short Gio made this fella a whip to very very specific detail, it also had to arrive by a specific date, Gio made the whip and shipped it off in time for it to arrive on or before the specific date and low and behold there was a problem in customs, the guy then cancelled the order and demanded a refund. Despite bad advice Gio refunded him and now has the whip back, all’s well that ends well except Gio is a little out of pocket on postage I guess. Anyway the guy’s name was published and a few guys came on and said they’d had similar problems so there is no doubt in my mind that Gio was in the right corner….I expect the guy won’t be able to buy a whip anywhere now if he ever wanted one in the first place….we all know who he is so that I think is a good thing…..

High Plait Martinet

So what happens when it’s the other way round and a whip maker who has traded for a fair while (several years) rips everyone off and comes up with some lame excuse as to how they will pay everyone off etc etc etc…

2 such folks spring to mind, I’m not going to name names, I think I probably ought to but have a small nagging doubt so won’t. The first one is a guy who was about for years and very successful as a trader on eBay, his whips were quite distinctive as instead of a turks head knot he used a ball, lots of the wild west performers bought from him and he had a decent reputation, he was on my FaceBook friends list and all of a sudden he just disappeared, he had taken loads of money from people and they never received the whip, rightly so these folks went on FaceBook and called him out, no response, nothing he has just disappeared, he never replied, he went away and stayed away…


The 2nd was a female, half of a well known American company, this lady though i use the term loosely branched out into nylon and was gaining a decent reputation in her own right and even opened her own web site separate from the partnership she belonged to. I have to say this particular whip maker I wasn’t quite so surprised by, she had made some silly claims on forums that were clearly just not true and made herself look pretty stupid but hey we can all exaggerate right? So again it appeared on face book a huge writing explaining how she’d took folks money, could no longer work and was working however many jobs to make ends meet and pay everyone back…..as with the guy above a lot of angry replies to her post from folks that paid and didn’t get their order, again fair enough, I have to be honest I have a particular dislike for this woman but it has to be said at some point she knew she wasn’t going to fill the orders she got but still took the money and spent it, I checked the thread recently and low and behold all the negative comments have been removed, the lady still has a web site although the buy it now buttons have been removed, I wonder does she dare try to start up again, I hope neither do, they are both rip off merchants and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Specialist BullWhip

So as you can see there is or there can be problems from both sides of the fence, for myself i have deleted them from all my social media, I do not hesitate to tell anyone who will listen what a couple of scum bags they are and as to the client of Gio’s i have his name and even if he pays me treble in advance i won’t make a whip for him….so there a little rant from me….the beauty of having a blog haha!