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End of Another Year

Another year has slipped on by and a very busy one it was too, those aware of circumstance know the three and a half years previous to this one were very difficult, it’s really hard to watch a loved one turn from fit and healthy to an adult baby, sat in the corner frightened of every shadow, more terrified really, no control of bowels etc, vascular dementia is a cruel, relentless unforgiving brutal way to go, anyway it did very much affect my work to the extent that I feel lucky to have a business left, not only a business have you very kind people left me but a growing one too, to all that have kept me busy this year my sincere thanks.

I’m not a religious man myself, far from it but for those of you that are I wish you a very merry Christmas, for those like myself, not, have a great holiday, and to one and all a happy new year, may it bring you all that you wish for…

Best Wishes