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Dyneema, Integrated Falls and my thoughts


Dyneema, I bought a roll of this about 5 maybe 6 years back and experimented with it for making crackers, you can make a cracker out of it and yes it bangs but not any better or worse than anything already out there and used to make crackers, as always with these blogs of mine they are my opinions, my best advice is always to experiment for yourselves and make your own minds up, first paragraph and already I digress, grrrrr, stay on topic. so back to crackers, Dyneema I pretty much dismissed and put it out of my mind, for crackers those that are interested I think bonded nylon thread is best for a good all round cracker and if you are looking to give the folks near by you a rest from the ear ache you’ve given them then a bit of nylon string, a £1.00 a roll at B&Q, Homebase, Jewsons, Wickes and the like, this gives a nice low pop so you know you have the crack right technically without blowing ear drums. Once more just my opinion.


More recently Dyneema has raised its head again and come to my attention, A recent thing the integrated fall, I say recent its not new by any stretch of the imagination, The Ozzies have been plaiting in a wallaby fall to the end of a Kangaroo hide stock whip for decades, it doesn’t look the best I don’t think but is about durability as opposed to aesthetics, the modern take on it is to wax multiple lengths of Dyneema and plait it in, I have to say it’s a much smoother transition than a change of leather and does very much get rid of the lump in the whip which is caused when hitching on a fall in the traditional way, whips as we all know are about taper, taper, taper so that in itself is a very good thing. However I had unlike me without some experimenting pretty much dismissed it, the reason being I have a friend Matt who has a pair of 4 foot Kangaroo Hide bullwhips with Dyneema falls, he has a love, hate relationship with them, catch him at the right moment I think you could get them off him for a tenner, on a good day indoors he loves them, the one thing he is consistent about is that the price he paid for them was massively over the top and he wouldn’t pay it again, anyway, I digress again I have had a go on them, didn’t like them at all and over the last several years have had numerous conversations about them with him, hence my dismissal, bloody hell that was long winded.So last year I met a guy called Chris from Alpha Whips he makes synthetic whips as opposed to leather, Dyneema on synthetic made much more sense to me and after a trip to the local fiends with him and his bag of goodies I was convinced that Dyneema and nylon or Dacron were quite possibly a partnership that ought to be married. I was so impressed I ordered a whip off him with a Dyneema fall and it hangs on the wall of my workshop, it’s used often I really like it and the way it handles, what a dilemma I have in recent weeks had to revisit the whole subject, grrrrrr!



Anyway, my experimentation thus far, I have totally dismissed Dyneema, I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, the idea of having to wax it when there are so many strings and threads out there ready waxed just didn’t make sense to me at all, I make whips commercially so time is always a factor for me, I have settled on a waxed poly and it is working out very well, I start at 12 plait and work it down to 4 plait to form a loop at the end, I have done 2 synthetic whips in Dacron, I loved the transition, or lack of transition and the performance too, unfortunately they are both in all black so the pictures I have give very little detail, bit daft of me that but hey over all the experiment worked so I am happy….I have also done one in Kip and i must admit i am quite shocked at how well it works, I can’t bring myself to do a kangaroo one, I don’t know if I ever will, unless a bespoke order comes in for one, time will tell, so the point of the blog is to say if you want an integrated fall on your whip, you have but to say when ordering, at some point I will adjust my site to say so but I’m currently working on my synthetic range so no point right now as very soon it is all to change, thats a blog for another day…


Thanks for reading



Death of a legend-Bernie Wojcicki


Well how sad to be sat writing about the passing of a legend, I guess that’s the thing with living legends, you for some strange reason believe them to be way above suffering the normality’s of life and to live forever, Bernie was certainly a living legend, a real character, funny, generous beyond belief with his sharing of knowledge, humble and so laid back he was almost horizontal…..This is sounding like he and I were best friends and that’s not true, but through the magic of the Internet I first communicated with Bernie some 15 plus years ago and since then just way too many times to recall. An Internet mate maybe…..


I’m not a big lover of forums and the like, I much prefer to talk with folks on skype or via some form of one to one type of messenger, Bernie was never a great poster on forums, I’m not saying he never posted, just not much so we shared that in common as well as a passion for all things whips, like many I bought a whip from Bernie, three in total, I regret not buying more now, and then like a lot I proceeded to ask him many questions which he answered with good grace, I had only a couple or three years under my belt and here was a guy with 30 years experience I’m sure for a while I made a proper pest of myself. I am very proud to say though that over the years of staying in touch I was able to pay back and do Bernie a couple of favours, he would also ask me on occasion to help out folks that had written to him from Europe or the UK, things like where to get supplies from etc….I always of course paid forwards and answered.


In recent years Bernie has had a reputation for long wait times, there are a few that didn’t order from him because of that, but things were not always that way, I can remember a time, a few times in fact where work was up and down and I recommended him when I was busy, back then my work book was up and down too, not often but on several occasions when folk from the UK or EU didn’t want to wait the time for him he pointed them my way,


I would think most current day whip makers have gleaned some knowledge from Bernie, some don’t admit to it but we all had help along the way and most share tips and tricks with others we respect


Bernie will probably be best remembered by some for the high plait count fancy ring work style whips he made, others for the silver caps and ferrules and collars on his work, for the general whip population his Bullwhips, by the fetish community his signal whips with changeable cracker, others for his help and generosity whatever your reasons please remember this great man, this legend, I will…R.I.P Bernie, I sincerely hope your in a better place and happy…