Snake Whips – Kangaroo Hide

Snake whip


Snake Whips are a shot bag, bolster, belly plait followed by the overlay.

All leather used is 1st grade veg tanned Kangaroo Hide, I don't buy 2nd and 3rd grade skins it's all best quality from the centre out.

Essentia Snake Whips are moderately weighted so won't pull your arm out with prolonged use, a nice taper and slightly nose heavy making them perfect for both scene play and targeting, folks have even been know to put fancy routines together with them too.

Finished at the business end with either Indian tan Latino fall or an Alum Tanned Red Hide fall.

A twisted bonded nylon cracker for both a loverly pop and a great sensation.

Renowned worldwide


3ft 12 plait £220

3ft 16 plait £240

4ft 12 plait £260

4ft 16 plait £300

4ft 20 plait £340

4ft 24 plait £380

5ft 12 plait £300

5ft 16 plait £340

5ft 20 plait £380

5ft 24 plait £420

Other lengths available, please email