Sjambok – Specialist Combinations

Red Black Sjambok


Specialist Combinations

So the latest trend in whips, well certainly within the fetish community, is high plait count, there seems to be a buzz that the higher the plait count the better the whip, I totally disagree but am in that position where I have to do what the customer wants as opposed to what I want or think. The problem with high plait counts is the higher you go the thinner the laces get, it takes the same amount of leather to cover the diameter its just dependent on how many strings you split said leather into, thinner strings are weaker and so more susceptible to break, common sense will tell you that, no need to be a whip maker. So these combination whips are really a best of both worlds solution, a 10 plait with 20 plait decorative plaiting, or a 12 into a 24, a 16 into a 32, the same laces split to create a finer plait at the hand end and a more robust plait at the business end, you can achieve this as a Snake Whip, Signal whip or Sjambok, there is already a page that covers bull whips.


So the same prices for Snakes, Signals and Sjamboks

3ft 10x20 plait £340

3ft 12x24 plait £380

3ft 16x32 plait £420

4ft 10x20 plait £380

4ft 12x24 plait £420

4ft 16x32 plait £460