Sjambok – Kangaroo Hide

Kip Sjambok




Originally the weapon of choice of the SA police force, carved from a solid piece of Hippo or Rhino hide, with so many restrictions on Hippo and Rhino hide the logical thing was to come up with a plaited version.

Starting out stiff when fresh plaited the Kangaroo hide one will over time break in and become fluid, a real scene toy the unlike it's vintage big brother will get the job done without breaking bones, a real must have!


3ft 12 plait £220

3ft 16 plait £250

3ft 20 plait £285

3ft 24 plait £310

4ft 12 plait £260

4ft 16 plait £280

4ft 20 plait £305

4ft 24 plait £340