Signal Whips – Kangaroo Hide

Signal Whip



Shot bag, bolster, belly plait, overlay is the construction method used here at Essentia, I don't buy 2nd and 3rd grade Kangaroo Hide, only 1st grade veg tanned Kangaroo Hide, so your whip is built of quality leather right the way through. All bolsters and bellies are kangaroo hide.

Unless otherwise requested, all Essentia signals come with a plaited in loop, enabling you to change the cracker for hygiene purposes.

These are moderately weighted whip enabling prolonged use without wrist, elbow, shoulder and general arm ache.

The perfect scene whip.

Renowned worldwide


3ft 12 plait £220

3ft 16 plait £240

4ft 12 plait £260

4ft 16 plait £280

4ft 20 plait £320

4ft 24 plait £360

5ft 12 plait £300

5ft 16 plait £340

5ft 20 plait £380

5ft 24 plait £420