Decorative Plaiting – Specialist Collection




I am often asked is it possible to have a whip that is patterned top to bottom, the simple answer is both yes and no. The whip pictured above is a signal whip and with that style of whip above is as close as it gets to top to bottom, due to the construction pattern. With a snake whip or a bullwhip, even a sjambok then no problem the decorative plaiting can be done all the way to the end. To attempt a price list would make for a huge page so these are P.O.A. drop me an email and we can sort out a price based on whip length, plait count etc.... I can only go as low as 16 plait, I can go as high as you're prepared to pay for. 20, 24,32, and on and on.... These whips get very expensive as the plait the count goes up as they become more and more time consuming.