Martinet – Specialist Impact

High Plait Martinet



Specialist Impact

Just our very own version of the classic Martinet we decided long ago long,long,long ago in fact that the Martinet should be so much more than some leather lace attached to a stick. So a carbon fibre tapered handle plaited over in first grade veg tanned kangaroo hide in a plait count of your choice, the one in the picture above is only a 12 plait but we hope you agree as well as a very practical toy, also a work of art with all the decorative plaiting, the business end is a heavy duty latigo, the toy that looks pretty but is very much the real deal


12 plait £155.00

16 plait £175.00

20 plait £195.00

24 plait £225.00

Want to go higher? No worries! We'll go as high as you like, shoot us an email and we'll sort out a price.