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My retirement

Well that’s a bit of a lie I guess, but also a bit of the truth, it is more a semi retirement I would think would be a better description of this announcement. I haven’t taken a job because my business has failed, I’m just in that fortunate position that I can afford to do it and so am taking the opportunity to do so…hopefully I am still young enough to enjoy the freedom of it…

From January 2019 (from now really) I will no longer be taking any bespoke orders, when that time comes I will change my website accordingly and eventually do away with it as such and just make a In Stock page and a gallery page, but that’s for later…those that are already on my waiting list I will still complete should you so wish.

So what am I going to do with all my time…..

1/ I am very lucky and have a couple of wholesale contracts that keep me busy on average 2 to 3 days a week so I shall be keeping those up and so keep the wolves from the door so to speak…hence the term semi-retired.

2/  I am on Mac so in Final Cut Pro I have about 5 maybe 6 videos I have made for my YouTube channel and just not had the time to edit them and get them watch worthy, a couple of them have been there near two years, so I will be doing a lot more of that, passing on my experience for anyone starting out or anyone looking to try different methods to the ones they currently use, that type of thing…

3/  I have no doubt that I will still get the urge to make things, I have several toy’s in my head at any given time, some get to production stage (the English Lash, the English Crop and I believe I was the very first to put nylon stock whips into production) some don’t so I shall be having a play and if I like what I make I’ll just pop it on my In Stock page on my website, so it may be worth book marking that and checking in now and then.

4/ Popping in the local coffee shop, catching up with friends and taking more long weekend breaks….I think that’ll do me, for those that don’t know me I have a lovely little dog called Murphy who I walk many miles every day, so I’ll also now be walking him even more miles…

Pay Back

And finally because I want to and not to piss people (other makers) off I will be starting a range called payback whips, 

I often read that makers are doing it for love, insinuating they don’t make any money from it, or very little money, it’s not for me to call them out, I’m sure logistics makes a difference, possibly the difference between doing it commercially vs as a hobby maybe! but here in the UK if you have continuity of work then the wage you earn is a very good one, substantially higher than the national average wage, I have been very lucky in that department and the last 15 maybe 16 years there hasn’t been a time where my waiting list has not been at 3 to 5 months so I really do feel grateful for that and feel I should in some way payback…

So long winded, don’t worry I’m getting there, my plan is to 4 times a year, once a quarter I shall make something, probably something that is normally expensive like a cat ‘0’ 9 tails or a high plait count whip and sell it at cost price as a way of saying thank you for keeping me busy all these years and giving me a good lifestyle and a comfortable living….

So that’s it I will still be about if you have questions, email as usual, look out on my YouTube channel and book mark my **In Stock** page to hopefully  either get a cost price bargain or just to buy a whip should I have time to make anything to put on there…




I thought you might like to know how it all came about….

Essentia Bio

I come from the UK generation that chose an apprenticeship before leaving school, nowadays your lucky to be even offered one, I chose brick laying after putting very little thought into it and was less than 6 months in before I regretted deeply my choice. I did have the sense to finish my apprenticeship just incase I ever needed to go back to it but left as soon as was possible and found myself working as a maintenance/repair man in a small factory.
The factory was on the river in the part of London where I was dragged up, opposite it was a chandlers and outside used to sit in the summer months an ex merchant seaman employed by the chandlers to do all the splicing and rope work for the yachting folks. I soon found myself befriending him and taking him in large bars of dairy milk chocolate that he took great pleasure from, in turn I learnt to tie monkey’s fists, various Turks head knots, how to splice, which is not much different from back plaiting, aswell as some basic round and flat plaiting.
Pure entertainment at the time and I guess a bit of boredom release for the pair of us, but a year or so of my young life that would later shape my life and give me a career that I am passionate about, I never lose sight of how lucky I am to love what I do for a living, I have my moments but never once have I dreaded getting up and going to work.
For the next few years I moved from job to job, mostly related to the building industry, I settled for a long while on window fitting and managed to make enough money to buy
a house and eventually a small gymnasium that I ran as a business, somewhere along the way I had started weight training and ended up competing in bodybuilding contests at which I was quite successful, I had still managed to keep up plaiting as a hobby, I made dog leads, collars, key rings and that sort of thing, not a vast experience but as we say here in the UK *enough to keep your hand in*
One day out of the blue my life changed forever, into my gym walked Mel, I was smitten immediately and  2 plus decades later we are still together and I’m still smitten. She was at the time a purser for British Airways so only in the country 6 to 8 days a month, almost from day one I arranged my days off to coincide with hers and would often do a little trip with her to the Isle of Wight to visit her parents.
The Isle of Wight is full of Ramblers groups and before I realised it I was making walking sticks which were long poles a plaited handle and a couple of Turks heads with a wrist strap and at the other end a rubber ferrule, I made a lot of them and my plaiting moved on to being a part-time business rather than a hobby.
With the coming of the internet I was able to get in touch with various whip makers who had many years of experience and my business progressed and became full-time, Bernie Wojcicki was one, a real sad loss recently, may you rest in peace and happiness wherever you are Bernie, I can’t think there are many whip makers in the world that haven’t benefitted from Bernie’s knowledge and generosity, though some don’t admit to it, Chris Barr the worlds best plaiter and stock whip maker helped me lot’s too, as I type this today the 12th March 2018 I have been plaiting any tying knots some 34 years, that’s plaiting and tying knots, not making whips, I have been making whips commercially, i.e.:- selling through my web sites some 16/18 years now and prior to that 3 maybe 4 years word of mouth, unlike some whip makers those would be real years as opposed to dog years, and doesn’t include the time period from when I was a kid and made a whip from a string and a stick as my start time…sorry English sense of humour and good old scorn at some of the diabolical claims you can find on the net

New Design…The English Lash


Another new design added to the Essentia Range, or it will be, we are currently giving all the sites a total revamp, one the new site goes live you’ll see this on there in with the Sjambok family along with a thicker version called The English Crop…

Some things will sadly disappear and some new stuff added, the “Under a Ton Range” is going well so a snake whip and a sjambok will be added.

Keep checking the site and see it change.

Thanks for reading……


Martinet…The Essentia Version



There has been much written about what in essence is a few boot laces tied to a wooden handle or dowel, I did a similar thing for a while called a Lita’net, named after the beautiful lady that designed and ordered it, I sold a few but not many.

About 6 months back I had time to experiment and made something much more elaborate and beautiful, more in keeping with an Essentia design. It has this past few months been put through it’s paces in a professional studio and passed rigorous use with flying colours, soon I will take better pictures with a real camera rather than my camera phone and will offer it for sale on the essentia floggers web site.




Keep checking back I have currently on test a whole range of Hybrid whips designed especially for the scene, and a couple of performance whips also, as well as that my take on some recently new to the market style of floggers….
Wiki Says

A martinet is a short, scourge-like (multi-tail) type of whip made of a wooden handle and between 4 and 10 lashes, relatively short length. The lashes are usually made of leather, but sometimes soap-stiffened cords are used in place of leather. It is a traditional instrument of physical punishment for children in France and other European countries.

The martinet was often applied on the calves, so that the children did not have to disrobe. Otherwise it was usually applied on the bare buttocks, adding humiliation to the physical pain, like the English and Commonwealth caning, birching, naval boy’s pussy, American paddling, et cetera.

It is generally considered abusive to use it for spanking children in modern times.
The martinet is also used as an implement in erotic spanking scenes, like a flogger but more severe.
noun: martinet;
a person who demands complete obedience; a strict disciplinarian.
“the woman in charge was a martinet who treated all those beneath her like children”