Cat O Nine Tails – Kangaroo Hide

Cat O Nine TailsCat O Nine Tails




Cat'O'9Tails a wonderful original brought to us by The Royal Navy no less. At Essentia our interpretation is a shot bag and bolster with the centre tail integral, the overlay, then the remaining 8 tails pinned and sewn in. A length of around 3 foot from the heel knot to the crown knots on each tail but then a further 6 to 8 inched of lace left to add even more diversity to the toy. These are excellent in a high plait count, not only do they lend themselves to decorative plaiting they don't suffer in the same way as a whip in a high count so maintain their good looks without laces breaking

If you can only take 1 toy to the party this would be the one to pick.


12 plait £240

16 plait £275

20 plait £310

24 plait £345

Thats for a Cat of any two or three colours of your choice and decorative plaiting as standard! No extra charge