Bullwhips – Specialist Collection


Specialist by Essentia - Tapered Two Plait BullWhips

So credit to a retired Whip Maker Terry Jacka for the concept of this whip, well half of it anyway, it was many years back I was friendly with a whip wholesaler and so saw much of Terry's work, the whole concept of a whip is the taper which in turn assists the loop to run, which in turn creates enough speed for the cracker to crack, so a whip that tapers right from the start makes perfect sense to me, this is of course just normal in a snake or signal whip but with the handle of a standard bullwhip being straight my thoughts are that tapering it can only improve it and as Terry has now retired it seemed to me an ideal time to do my own tapered BullWhip, I am really pleased with it. The other half is to do with my own thoughts on high plait count whips, there is much written on this subject by many makers and the crowd is split, I have always fallen into the A.P.W.A idea that anything 20 plait and over is a show whip, so with this in mind I decided to make my tapered bullwhips with a high plait count handle and a sensible plaited thong making them both a thing of beauty and practical to use. The best of both worlds really!


3ft 12x24 plait £425 10 inch handle

3ft 16x32 plait £525 10 inch handle

4ft 12x24 plait £525 12 inch handle

4ft 16x32 plait £625 12 inch handlep

We are happy to make these bullwhips any length you'd like please ask regards prices however as an example.

8ft 12x24 plait £825 13 inch handle

8ft 16x32 plait £950 13 inch handle