Bullwhips – Kangaroo Hide




These are very much Australian style, constructed the Australian way with two bellies, two bolsters and an overlay, all of which are 1st grade veg tanned Kangaroo Hide. There is no Kip or Chrome tanned cowhide in the centre of your whip and I don't buy grade 2 and 3 skins, its quality from the core out.

Built to be on the light side, slightly nose heavy, making them perfect in the shorter length for scene play, and in the longer length for targeting and putting together fancy whip cracking routines, you will use these for much longer periods than their American counterpart, as they wont give you wrist, elbow and shoulder problems.

We don't entertain American style, butt weighted, overcut laced American style bullwhips, the ones that have become known as American style, Indiana Jones Style, if thats what your are looking for you very much need to find another whipmaker.


4ft 12 plait £275

4ft 16 plait £300

5ft 12 plait £320

5ft 16 plait £350

6ft 12 plait £350

6ft 16 plait £380

For longer lengths please drop us an email, for higher plait counts keep checking back we are just developing a collector range and also a mini bullwhip too, early 2018 the pages should be up, time allowing of course